Dr. Michael Omidi, MD Helps Out Dandelion Wishes

Dr. Michael Omidi, MD is cofounder of No More Poverty with his Brother Julian Omidi.  No More Poverty, an organization that works to end global poverty by sponsoring charities that already have poverty-ending initiatives in place, is currently promoting the works of Dandelion Wishes.  In this article, Dr. Michael Omidi discusses the benefits of art therapy, which Dandelion Wishes uses for the spiritual and emotional uplifting of depressed communities.

Dr Michel Omidi

While we have all heard of “the healing power of art,” did you know that there is substantial clinical evidence to suggest that the phrase is more than just an old wives’ tale?  An article published in the Journal of Psycho-Oncology reported a study conducted on 111 cancer patients who painted self-portraits, sculpted with clay and performed other artistic tasks.  It was found that the patients experienced a reduction in the stress hormone cortisol, which resulted in improved sleep, lower levels of pain and increased quality of life.

The act of producing a work of art that isn’t constrained by a specific language or rigid form of expression has also proven to be beneficial to people who have suffered severe emotional trauma.  The psychological, physical, emotional and even spiritual benefits in creative expression are legion, and that is why a foundation like Dandelion Wishes is so important.  It is my hope that No More Poverty can help bring public awareness to Dandelion Wishes, which seeks to initiate social change and promote health, strength and empowerment through the employment of art classes and workshops.

One of the most important tasks done by Dr. Michael Omidi in poverty reduction is convincing individuals in destitute communities that they are valuable and are capable of achievement. 

People who have participated in art workshops with Dandelion Wishes have found the services invaluable. One participant wrote:

 “It was a wonderful experience that brought a lot of peace.  I realized I still carry the loss of those I have lost in my heart.  In each of my paintings they are all around me.”


If you are interested in learning more about Dandelion Wishes and other charities sponsored by No More Poverty, then please visit nmp.org.

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