The Best Plastic Surgeon in Los Angeles, Dr. Michael Omidi

Dr. Michael Omidi (M.D., F.A.C.S.) has been practicing plastic surgery for more than years now. He is one of the best in his field and has been double-certified. Over the course of 15 years (excluding the period of Dr. Michael Omidi Probation) Dr. Michael Omidi has performed thousands of face, neck, nose, breast and body surgeries producing the best of results by fine-tuning the modern day procedure with some of his own personal expert procedures.

His practice is situated in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. He is one of the only few surgeons who has a complete commend over the performance of complex face, nose and eyelid surgeries together with breast augmentation and body contouring. He had been certified as a breast and abdominal surgeon and is also known now as a certified advanced surgeon in the field of facial and nose contouring surgeries.

michael omidi

Dr. Michael Omidi has carved himself a reputation of delivering the best result by using advanced techniques and his own unique procedures to perform many safe surgical and non-surgical procedures that give the best results and also promote a quick recovery.

His patients and coworkers have always gained the best from him and many of them had been heart broken and facing problems due to Dr. Michael Omidi probation. But the good news is that Dr. Omidi is back in the field to work dedicatedly for a highly advanced and successful future of safe and quick plastic surgery. He is not only a plastic surgeon but also a philanthropist who uses his talents, charisma and resources to fight poverty around the world.

He has also set up his own organization to eradicate poverty and help those in need. “No More Poverty” is not just an organization but also a mission towards which Dr. Omidi is very much dedicated. Even Dr. Michael Omidi’s probation could not dampen the efforts or progress of “No More Poverty”.

Being a plastic surgeon and a philanthropist, Dr. Michael Omidi thinks that human body is a temple to be worshipped and he has mastered many techniques and surgical procedure to make the body a work of art. Dr. Omidi’s areas of expertise are as follows:

Breast & Body 

·        Breast Augmentation

·        Breast Lift

·        Breast Reduction

·        Liposuction

·        Thigh Lift

·        Tummy Tuck

·        Brazilian Butt Lift

·        Arm Lift

Face & Neck

·        Facelift

·        Neck Lift

·        Eyelid Surgery

·        Rhinoplasty

·        Fat Transfer

·        Single Follicle Hair Grafts

·        Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections



·        Jevederm

·        Radiesse

·        BOTOX®

·        Kybella

·        Laser Hair Removal

·        Dysport

·        C02 Laser

·        Skin Tightening

Here is what Dr. Michael Omidi’s Patients say about him:

  • He is very precise and meticulous. He is a master of his craft. He makes you a key stakeholder in the process so that you know every step of what is going on. The results are heavenly!!! You are the only doctor that I call on when I need a miracle to happen (Submitted November 19, 2015)

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