Dr. Michael Omidi – A Philanthropist or a plastic Surgeon

Dr. Michael Omidi is the new face of modernized techniques and revolution in the field of plastic surgery in Los Angeles. But that is not all. Together with being a plastic surgeon he is also known as a philanthropist working tirelessly to eradicate poverty and help impoverished people in gaining a status in life through getting help and monetary allowances with the help of different charity organizations linked with Dr. Omidi’s  “No More Poverty” initiative.

This is what he has to say about his mission, “I am passionate about giving back to that in need. A few years ago I traveled to Vietnam to perform reconstructive surgery for the impoverished people of that country. There I saw what it was like for men, women, and children to live a meager existence in abject poverty, struggling on a daily basis for basics like food and water. This is why my brother Julian Omidi and I founded No More Poverty. We want to help those who are suffering by addressing their poverty and providing hope for a better tomorrow.”

michael omidi]

His spirit of working for humanity was not dampened even after being falsely accused and put through the whole Dr. Michael Omidi Probation issue. He is still working for his initiative while also practicing his surgery in his Beverly Hills clinic.

Dr. Michael Omidi believes in providing his patients with the best environment and services so they can feel at ease and go through their plastic surgery procedure without any hesitation, fear or extra pains. Dr.Michael Omidi’s unique techniques have also led to his patients recovering quickly and painlessly in less time than usually needed after a plastic surgery. He is famed to be an artist with the way he performs his surgical procedures especially specializing in facial features and body contouring. His patients who were heartbroken over Dr. Michael Omidi probation are now more than ecstatic to have him back in the field. These are some of the testimonials by his patients on Dr. Michael Omidi

Sabrina A:

“His work is art and his staff is like family to me. They all take such good care of me and never make me feel uncomfortable”.

Cece54  (3 months ago)

“Such an amazing experience with Dr.Michael Omidi. I had my eye on him doing for rhinoplasty for a minute & the only thing I regret is not doing it sooner! I had a very wide African American nose & he helped give it structure. He is very attentive and a true perfectionist. I showed him exactly how I wanted my nose realistically & he delivered. Thank you to Dr. Omidi and his amazing team!”

Dr. Michael Omidi is a humble, down to earth. Highly skilled and experienced double-certified plastic surgeon who treats his profession as a religion and is the best that you will find in the field of facial and body plastic surgery.

Here is the contact information for Dr. Michael Omidi:

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

9735 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 300
Beverly Hills, California 90212 US

(310) 923-7863

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